Town Hall Cimadera –

The project involves the renovation and recovery of the building currently used as a municipal house to transform it into a tourist accomodation with a restaurant-bar on the ground floor and two studios on the first floor. The project involves the renovation of heating system of the walls that will be covered with a layer of insulating material. The perimeter, the distribution and the height at the top of the original building are respected.

The project involves the creation of a breezeway (under-porch) that crosses the building, linking it to the path that joins the two main public spaces of the municipality (Town Hall and Church), passing through the historic nucleus. At the northern border is located a bicycle parking facility.

The external accomodation foresees the paving of a part of the forecourt and the path with a valuable material (granite slabs). The space is equipped with 6 stone tables and benches. The limit of the forecourt is defined by a low hedge that hides the view on the waste bins located on the south part of the lot to who’s sitting. The hedge – composed of autochthonous essences – promotes biodiversity.

Is planned a renewable energy use: wood (pellets) for the thermal power plant and photovoltaic panels on the roof for the production of electricity.
The project foresees the use of natural Ticinese materials: the external space of the bar and the path are paved with granite slabs – “split” finish – running laying. The walls of the building are plastered (lime-based plaster) and characterized by a natural stone plinth: granite slabs with a “sawn” finish.

The plan of the ground floor is crossed by the route that passes through the porch which leads to the bar equipped with a small kitchen (total area 62.21 m2).
On the opposite side, the doors leading to the rooms: bar warehouse; technical room thermal power plant; bar bathrooms (men, women and disabled); from outside the building you can access two showers (men and women) available for hikers or mountain bikers.
From the porch you can also access the first floor through an external metal staircase, closed by a gate. The first floor plan houses two studios (32.16 and 39.77 m2), respectively 2 and 4 beds. The studios have an independent entrance, they are equipped with a kitchen, wardrobes and complete bathrooms with natural ventilation. The smaller studio has a large terrace (47.74 m2) built over the bar cover.
The larger studio enjoys an open view towards north-west . The studios can also be rented for short periods.

Town Hall Cimadera –




Architetto: Enrico Sassi