Book Il Giardino sensoriale

Stefano Pesce (by), Il Giardino sensoriale – The Sensory Garden – Uno spazio che si prende cura delle persone – A place that takes care of people
Con-fine edizioni, Bologna 2014
(ISBN 978-88-96427-60-6)

Autor:Enrico Sassi
Photographers: Marcelo Villada, Enrico Sassi
Publisher: Con-fine edizioni

The garden, by definition, is “the place that surrounds”, a space – somehow delimited – where the plants are usually cultivated with the intent of pure visual enjoyment.
On the other hand, the sensory garden becomes an immersive brand experience where the perceptive faculties are repeatedly solicited one by one and nature, architecture and art become small stages of a single journey in search of that forgotten self in some corner of the mysterious cerebral labyrinth.

Walking in the Sensational Garden of Balerna, everything seems suddenly clear: we are not surrounded, but protected by many elements that guard our psycho-physical wellbeing.
This volume is a walk through images and words, where the protagonists of this story walk us to discover the corners and objects that populate the path. But it is also a small invitation to take care of people in a ‘different’ way and, why not, even a little to listen more to ourselves, with all the senses.

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