Scientific path Lugano

The scientific path is a route that join the Biomedical Cluster (Civic Hospital / cardiothoracic center / Swiss Stem Cells Institutte) with the Computational Sciences Cluster (Computing Center).

The path culminates in a matallic walkway (DNA bridge) that flies over the cantonal road.

The landing at the end of the walkway is a observation deck (belvedere) over the city.

The walkway, via a flight of stairs, leads to a path that crosses the forest.

The path is paved with natural stone slabs (gneiss), arranged irregularly.

It is planned the arrangement of the bridges, their parapets and a review of the existing furniture.

Along the way there are 12 corten metal stations (monoliths); the “rusty” finish integrates with the natural context of the forest.

Each of the 12 stations is dedicated to a relevant figure in the world of science.

The monoliths contain a device that projects a short video that can be viewed through one of the two openings on the sides.

The path is illuminated with 30 lamps – built with the same metal as the monoliths – oriented towards the floor.

Scientific path – Lugano



ClientMunicipio di Lugano

Architect: Enrico Sassi