Swiss Wire Design Pablo

Pablo is a kitchen roll holder consisting of a single solid 120 cm stainless steel wire, 8 mm diameter, folded 7 times at 90 ° and one at 180 °. The two ends of the wire are free.

The total weight of the support is 500 grams; stainless steel is the only material that makes up the object, giving it mass and presence.

The design is determined by the size of the roll of kitchen paper: height 25 cm, external diameter 11, internal hole 4 cm.

The tracing of the support starts from the base, quadrangular (11.5 x 16.5), which allows the object to be approached to the wall. The base has a double function: it lifts the roll from the table top, gives weight and stability.

The base protrudes slightly from the maximum roll diameter to guarantee the object its functional space without obstructing the rotation movement.

The thread vertically crosses the roll of paper twice, drawing a protruding semicircle, this ring allows comfortable handling.

The base ends with a vertical free pole that helps to keep the sheet of paper approached to the roll surface while facilitating the tearing action.

Swiss Wire Design Pablo

Client: Swiss Wire Design – Plastifil

Architect: Enrico Sassi