Wood tower

The project is sponsored by the Cademario Patriciate and involves the construction of a wooden tower.
The tower allows you to safely climb up to 30 meters from the ground reaching an altitude of 1001 m asl. The tower has a structure defined by 8 load-bearing walls in solid wood (3.10 x 32.10 m).
The structure is enclosed by infill panels composed of wooden slats; the walls are permeable to air, guarantee the natural ventilation of the tower and are “transparent” allowing those who ascend to see outside through the voids (transparency = 50%).
The stairs have a width of 120 cm. The ramps alternate with landings. At the center of the tower there is an empty “cylindrical” space of 1.60 m in diameter and 32 m in height. The diameter of the body of the tower is 6 meters
The essences provided are: fir, chestnut, locust and oak.

Wood tower_Cademario




Enrico Sassi, Alberto Canepa

Technical data

Client: Patriziato di Cademario

Architect: Enrico Sassi

Collaborators: Roberta Blasi, Irene Lucca, Marco Mariotti

Engineer: Andrea Bernasconi