Enrico Sassi (1965) architect SIA OTIA REG A.

Graduated at the IUAV University of Venice (1993). He carries out professional and teaching activities. Coordinator of i.CUP, “Institute for the Contemporary Urban Project “since 2004 and of Lab.TI,” Laboratorio Ticino “since 2014, teacher of” Progetto Urbano “(2004-2007) at Accademia di Architettura of Mendrisio. Since 1998 he is editor in the architecture and urbanism magazine “archi”, official organ SIA, OTIA.

He is the owner of a design studio in Lugano.

Collaborators of the architectural firm

Roberta Blasi

Irene Lucca

Jezebel Belinda Valentin

Marco Mariotti

Domenico Imperioso